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(no subject) [Nov. 13th, 2005|01:52 pm]
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From: frank

Date: Nov 8, 2005 6:43 AM Flag spam/abuse. [ ? ]
Subject: wyoming story
Body: we go to missouri, we play a show at a christian campus, around 100 kids, right next to a huge college, with over 10 000 kids, we play the show, it goes alright, we try to start the bus, to get on ou way, and it doesnt work, so we had to stay in the college town for a few days, then finally we get it fixed, and drive to denver to play a show, we havent seen the other bands in a few days, so it was good to see them, we were just hanging out with random ppl at the dorms the whole time, i made friends and played video games and ate free food alot there, we stay at this girls house at the denver show, and the bus dies again, but we get it started again, then we go on our to wyoming, and our bus dies down in the middle of night, next to a huge high way, so we sleep on the side of the road, its cold in the dessert, trucks pass us by every few minutes, in the morning i wake up to a guy from foreknown saying hi to us, they just saw us on the road, decided to hang out a bit, then two cops came, i took pictures with the male cop, pretending he was arresting me, the cop was willing to help us out, he called towing companies, said that if they didnt tow our trailer he would do it himself after work with his truck, so we get his phone number just in case, the towing man comes and ripps us off, we get to some middle of no where town, we bring the bus to the garage, tell them to check it out, and we hang out in a hotel, so we make friends at the hotle with the employees and random town folks, the police man calls and says for us to go to police station cause they have food for us there, so tyler and company go and they pick up some food and meet a 19 year old dispatcher, she offers us a place to stay, tyler of course exagerrates and says we are staying at cops house, jacob and mark mean while hop a fence to get there stuff in the bus which is parked in a private lot, the cops come and say hey waht you kids doing, and they say getting their stuff from the bus, they asked what they are doing in town, then they say we are staying with your dispatcher, which was pretty funny, they told us not to harm her, so we go to the dispatchers appartment, she invite 3 of her friends, one girl is a 200 pound achoholic, she has a forty in a bag tattooed on her leg, the other is a very calm girl, just the opposite of the wild alcholic, it was very weird thinking that we just came into this town, and now we were staying at some random persons house, that does not know our band, and they are buying us food, and trusting us, for all they know we could be crazy killers, the dispatcher reminds me of ppl i hung out with in grade 8 and nine, she listens to like saves the day, and nofx, and stuff that i liked when i was 15, so that was cool, we were all allergic to her cat, sean slept on a dryer because of the allergies, anyways next morning, is not so pleasant, i wake up to tyler saying, everyone is going home, my stomach sinks, i go on no, is this really the end of the tour, everyone (robbie and simon) is talkign non chalontlee ? about pawning their stuff and just going home, me and tyler dont agree, i say what about my drums, i cant pawn that stuff and get a good deal, i name off the prices i paid for stuff, but they were just being selfish it made me mad, tyler said, so youre just going to leave me, robbie says you can pawn my stuff i dont care, what about us being friends tyler says, i dont even bother participating in the conversation, i just go and pray about it cause i want to stay on the tour, robbie is saying that if he quits this tour, hes done, he goes on to say about how unsteady tour life is, and how he wants something sure, simon jacob mark as well, are talking about just taking a bus home, as if all was hopeless, because we found out that the price for repair was just so high and ridiculous at the garage, so tyler says he'll pay for everything, but he doesnt have his cards becuase he lost his wallet, so robbie says ok lets see if we could afford it then, we go to the garage, they keep on looking, they make seem like its going to be really expensive, jacob talks about how the bus is probably done for completely, everyone is just negative, i keep on praying, tyler too probably, anyways i come up with the idea to set up a pay pal account, to make some sweet cash that will help pay for repairs, so me and jacob go back to the hotel, we set up an account, i pray about it, half an hour later a lady writes to us saying she gave 500 bucks, she said that she was about to give it to another organizion or relief fund, but God was holding her back for a reason, and when she saw our bulletin she knew God was saving it for that, so she just gave it, and it was an answer to prayer in my opinion and others, but still the negativity was there with robbie, he was companing about how we couldnt find a piece for the vehicle, and how he was depressed, right after we were given a huge blessing, so anyways we get the vehicle started and we try to make it to the next town, where we will meet the huge alcoholic girl, to see if we can get a better deal on repairs there, its a very risky thing to make this drive cause the vehicle could jjust die on us at anytime, some of pray and we make it there, its dark now, and we park the vehicle in a gas station, seems to be alot of kids in the town, supposedly a high school dance is going on that night, we all joke around about going to it, so we are just eating food and looking at magazines in the store, robbie looks at some kid, and tells tyler to ask if his dad is a mechanic, so tyler asks the kid, and he says yes, and the kid give tyler his number and we all think, wow what a coincidence, maybe this is another answer to prayer, so tyler securely puts the number into his pocket, we all go back to the van, by the way those girls came and gave us free pizza, and gave us like 80 bucks that they just asked ppl for, they would go up to kids and tell our situation, or theyd go to a bar and ask some ppl for money, and they made 80 bucks in an hour for us, which was pretty crazy as well, anyways we go back to the bus, we are going to call this kid so that we can get help from his dad, tyler reaches into his pocket for the number, but its not there, so i get pissed, im like dude i cant believe you lost an important number, like that was a good hook up, and you just blew it, so we look around, meanwhile a weird looking dude, with a mullet, and some missing teeth, is pumping 3 dollars of gas into his old beat up truck, he asks tyler what hes looking for , tyler says that it was important number of a mechanic, and kind of tells our situation, the man says that he's a mechanic and that maybe he could help, so he starts looking at the vehicle, his name is rikki by the way, then he goes to get his friend todd who is also a mechanic, or knows a stuff about cars, they are checking it out, they are come wild dudes, major hicks, we were talking and i actually took a picture with him, hes drunk by the way, i think both of them were, screaming ill be sixteen till the day i die, they are in their late twenties actually, so then todd,says he has to go bring his wife to work, tyler drives him to pick up his wife becuase he is drunk, while they are driving i rikkie is just talking drunk talk about his favorite tittie bar, while they pass by it, and he's just saying whatever, then out of no where, he says do you believe in God, and tyler says yes, says that we are a christian band, and he's like, well thats weird, in a hick accent, he said that when rikki he came to get him to help out with the vehicle, he was very urgent, saying we have to help this kids,i just feel like i have to help them, i dont know what it is, i just have to help them, and he said that rikki never helps anyone, so the wife gets in and they start fighting, then eventually they stop the car and start making out, right infront of tyler, so tyler gets back to the gas station where the bus is, rikki and todd go to get some jump starters, everyone else except for me tyler and sean leave to go to one of the girls appartment where we were going to sleep, so me tyler and sean our hanging out in the bus, we decide to pray about stuff, i was prett thankfull that we made 80 bucks in an hour, oh ya and that numbe tyler lost, was in the bus, and tyle claimed that he didnt even go in the bus when he lost it, but i guess that was for a reason, so sean me and tyler start praying about stuff, about the busworking, but also about attitudes changing, please God make the bus work, and make the attitudes improve, cause they were really starting toget sucky for some ppl, so we drive to bring the bus to rikkis house, and the dispatcher meets up with us, i drove to rikki with the calm girl, and she told me how she just lost her father 2 weeks ago, he shot himself by accident in front of his 12 year old daughter while hunting, she had to walk a few miles to find help, after watchign her father die, so i was thinking how amazing it was that this girl had such a positive attitude and was helping us out, and being so pleasant with us, after that sort of tragedy happened, anyways we all get to the appartment of the calm girl who lost her father, and we see this fat girl in her bra runnig down the stairs, she cries for help , the calm girl helps her, calms her down, her name was alyssa actually the calm girl, so the fat girl in the bra was having sex with her bf, then the bf decided to start beating her up,thats what i understood, so the cops come and blabla, thats just added to the excitement of that day, anyways mark jacob the girls go off to soem party, we get some sleep, tyle and robbie wake up early to go to rikkis to work on the bus, i wasnt there, but they told us the story, they get there, and they are missing an transmission, which costs around 80 bucks, but for ours its around 300, so they call up all the auto part centers in the area, and none of them have them, so then todd says maybe we could go to his place and look for one, but hes hesisitant, he obviously didnt want them to see his place, but they go, and tyler said that when he saw the condition he lived in, he started crying, said it was like a movie, he bought his house for forty bucks, which was just a beat down trailer, his fence that he put up for his kids was like sticks and barbwire, they were dirty playing with junk, cuase they were next to junk yard, so they look around the hole place and didnt find anything, they go around for help, they meet a pastor whos willing to put on a show for us to raise money, they meet a drunk who also lives in a trailer who ran down his 3 year old daughter a few years ago and killed her, and was a drunk ever since, rikkis neighbor hood was pretty poor basically, it was pretty crazy, i did see some of it, anyways the transmission part seems to not exist, and well then rikki goes into his tool box, and low and behold the exact same transmission that we needed was there, like the exact one, and he claimed he didnt even remember it being there, so we put on, we also needed batteries, rikki went into his own beat up rusty no good for nothing vehicle and took out his own battery and gave it to us, todd by the way had to get 3 dollars from his pastor to fill up his gas tank that night, so thank God the pastor gave him 3 dollars, anyways they fixed everything for free, and they were dirt poor,robbie even said that he'll never feel bad about his life after seeing that, the ppl that helped us lost loved ones, todd hadnt seen some of his kids in a while, that calm girl lost her father two weeks ago in a horrible tragedy, some random lady, who probably could have donated 500 dollars to something else instead of us helped us out, all in a matter of 2 days, it was just unbelievable how specific our prayers were being answered, how God took care of us, in the middle of no where, where we knew no one, so the vehicle worked for a good amount of time, it broke down just recently, but convenienty, on our five days off, in phoneix, which has bee, great, before phoenix we played san diego, our last cali show, the day the tour ened with the other bands, and the day jacob left, we were wactching this opening band and they were amazing the vocals sounded recorded, the thought of getting the guy as our singer didnt even cross my mind, but robbie for some reason told tyler to ask him, so tyler is thinking about asking him but hes shy, tyler also needs to pick up some duck tape to decorate the guitars, so he aasked a girl if she knew anyone who could drive him to radio shack, so the girl convenienty asks matt who was just passying by, so i see matt and tyler walking towars matts car, so i go hmmm is tyler thinking about this dude, he was pretty good, i said , why not lets see whats happening, so i go tyler, tu pense que je pense, and he says what do you think im doing, so i go on the car ride, tyler sees christian stikers , so i ask the kid if hes christian, he says yes, and i asked if his band was , he says no, and i say how did you become christian, and he told me his testimony, about living a rebeilous life not too long ago, doing coke, being stupid, getting into fights, getting stabbed and shot, watching his friends die, then saying a christian dude took him into his house or something to take care of him cause his parents ditched him or something, and he accepted Christ since then he's never been the same, it was short, i rushed him, i liked the coke thing and the being shot thing, it shows back bone, and experience, and well he seemed very mature for 17 year old, and was just got to the point, and said how would you singing for our band, me and tyler had a good vibe about him, he also asked me if iwas anti religious because iwas asking the question in a condenscending way i guess, but i told him that i was christian, and we said what was gpoign on in the band, he said that he lost his appartment that day, i said that we lost jacob that day, and that he should come on tour, i wasnt searching for a singer that day neither was tyler, but it just so happen, but me and tyler just got a vibe about him, so we said why not, and i prayed with him, and he just came with us on the road the next day, then we get to phoenix, well almost, our bus breaks down, we get picked up, we play the show, great turn out, our bus is in the middle of the high way though, we have to get it towed, and so on, it just shut off out of no where, just everything turned off, which was pretty funny, becuase i was trying to pee in a corner and i told them to turn off the lights in the bus, they didnt, then the bus just turned off, and i was like sweet, now i can pee in privacy, anyways the show was good, we meet coold kicds, in ppl buy us food, its tylers birthday, i see a kid who likes harry potter and i said too loud in the restaurant and he gives me a dirty look, we stay at nicks house, where i am right now, i talk to nick that night i tell him about how God has helped us like crazy on the road, i told him how so much bad stuff has happened for a good reason, he tells me his testimony, he told me that a few years ago his family wasnt saved, accept for his grandmother, she got ovarian cancer and had a few month to live, he was into satinism back in the day, and being a normal rebellious teenager, the grand mother is praying for the family to be saved, one day the father, who was an alcholic for 22 years, decides to start drinking again, spends 40 000 dollars in a few weeks on booze, he gets caught drunk driving, driving on the opposite side of the free way towards in coming traffic, he gets sent to jail, where he picks up a bilble, and gets saved, kind of like randy johnson, then he gets home, and he seems to be this different dude, mean while nick is saying, oh thats bs, what you belive, your just a drunk, the mom mean while wants to kill herself because she was molested when she was 12 and thinks its her fault, the dad ttalks to her for 18 hours, and she becomes chrsitian and admits all of her suffering and so on, they start going to chruch together, still nick wants to kill himself, he looks for the shot gun but he cant find the key for it, his parents were praying for him, anyways one day he just realizes how studip he is and prays for Forgivness, goes to chruch a few times and he gets saved, i went to his church 2 days later, it was crazy, phoenix first assembly,2 services in the morning, 4000 ppl for those two services, praise a worship was like a disney movie with ppl dancing in constumes from all over the world, anyways a speaker from indonesisa comes, hes a pastor of a church in indonesia, that seats 10 000 ppl, or was it 20 000, not sure, anyways indonesia is the most muslim place in the world, and hwas just talking about hte revival there, and how many ppl are being persecuted for beliving in jesus, getiting their heads chopped off and so on, he told us how he got a building permit for his church in 4 days, he had to ask the governor of building regulations or something, who was a muslim priest, if they could build a church, basically bigger then the holy mosq, and he thought that he was going to have to bribe the guy, the man said, to get the building permit, it would take a long time, you might not even get it, its like a pyramid, the ppl on the bottom have to sign it, then the ppl over them, then the ppl over them, then he said he could help this christian pastor, siad that he get everone to sign it tomoorow, and all he would have to do is buy them lunch, so he shows them the spot, the muslim chief of whatevever, says if you guys love your jobs sign this building permit or whatever, and everyone did it, he even signed the permit in the mosk, the lsat signature, anyways it was pretty amazing how he got the permit in four days in such a muslim country, even got a radio station, so it was cool seeing this man preach, because hes part of a huge revival in indonesia, im pretty sure the church holds 20 000, anyways , he had forty thousand dollars for the building, then he is asked to go talk at a fundraiser for a school for the poor, so hes telling everyone to donate to this school for the poor, turns out the school needed forty thousand dollars, but that was the forty thousand he needed for the churhc, but God told him to give it to the school project, trusting that he'll get the money (2 million dollars) to build the church, what ended up happening was many of the church goers,sold their cars, jewerlery, property, and they made almost exactly or exactly 2million dollars, for the main lay out, i think it was, and a normal indonesian makes around seven hundred dollars a year, so that kind of reminded me of poor ppl helping us out, and so basically he preached about how we cant forget the muslim ppl, and that the best way to get rid of terrorist is to tell them about jesus, or they will come to us with a zword, he gave us all the old testament verses about it, it was a pretty powerful speach,anyways, so the pastor of phoenix assembly said, he wanted the chruch to give to this cause, cause they still needed some money to finish the project, said to tithe and give an offering, he said that everyone has needs here, but God will meet those needs if you give to Gods works, and so on, so tyler gave all his money so did i , not selfishly, but because we wanted, his speach was powerful, and i felt sorry for those 3 girls that got beheaded for being christian, and it was just amazing seeing such a muslim country have such a huge church because of this dude, it was HUGE, im pretty sure it was 20 000 ppl, im sure its on the interent, anyways, we needed money as well for things, we had a broken bus, but we knew God was going to help us out, and once again, ppl that we did not know, payed for the towing (over 300 dollars) a man who fixes buses at the church, which is basically like a city, they have tons of buses, and its just huge, well this guy fixes all the buses, and he paid for a bunch of things, and repaired it for free, so our bus is working again, simon and matt just met some random christian at a cafe, and he said that he felt that our band was going to do something great for God, that random lady who gave us 500 bucks said the same thing on our myspace the day later, said she hears Gods voice from time to time, and she said that God was going to use us to reach out to the lost of our generation, what was also crazy was my prayer ansered for a music video, im sure you remember me talking about a music video, ive been thinking about out it for so long,i wanted a jet in it, a limo, a celebrity, and i met this guy at a bible study who did a my chemical romance video, a avenged sevenfold video,a deftones video, i also wanted new footage of us, as if we are on the news, and he works at nbc studios, so that was pretty crazy, and his willing to do it all free, also tyler wanted these huge white fans like in this petra video, and those huge white fans are like 30 minutes away from palm springs, anyways ive seen so many specific prayers being answered on this tour its ridiculous, some of us were discouraged that we were stuck in phoenix, but after church alot of us stubborn guys started to realize everything is for a reason, and its not nessesarily a bad thing, this tour really shows me how God really cares for people, and how powerful prayer is, its great meeting christians and hearing all the crazy stuff that God has done for them, this tour has been a really great experience so far, the band should be called blessed by a broken bus, im going to bed now , its 4 43 in the morning, peace out

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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2005|12:28 am]

-stayed up the entire night finishing project for school.
-went to school at 8AM, thinking it was actually 9AM. but this was a good thing.
-slept in the library for 1 1/2 hours.
-woke up and found a red bull next to me. a pamplet for rebull along with post-it was left saying, "you look like you need this...your friends and redbull." hahaha
-got my geography test back.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
-i still got 13/15 overall.
-shoplifted for the first time in my life. at zellers.
-hit on by old creepy man.
-took bus from my house in longueil-to terminus longueuil-to berri-to henri-bourassa-took 171-went from cote-vertu-to angrignon-to mcgill...ALL to show frank how to get to the drug testing place...and then go to work.
-lost ID card to open doors and use elevators at work.
-as i was running across union and sherbrooke to get to work, my belt (that serves no real purpose) fell too my ankles. i stopped in the middle of the street to pick it up and pedetrians and co-workers alike stopped to laugh at me. i smiled and said, "you saw that, huh? it's TOO BIG!"
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FRANK'S QUOTES OF THE DAY: [May. 9th, 2005|10:58 pm]
-"let's pray about you dumping your girlfriend."

-"he doesn't want to cut his metal hair."

-"nigga cool me off!"

-"press the delete button on your life."
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-emoticons. e.g. :) or whatever the fuck you want to call them.
-situation: stairs/escalators. when people hold their umbrellas horizontally in their swinging hand as they walk up. it's like they want to hurt the person behind them.
-kids who rush the myspace bulletin board. find love elsewhere.
-lying (even by omission).
-pin-up/vintage/1950s OBSESSED people.
-when people try to imitate the metro announcement, "terminus longueuil, universite de sherbrooke. merci d'avoir voyager avec la stm. bonne soiree."...but end up sounding more like, "...longueuil...-versite...erbrooke. merci de voyager avec la st...bonne journee." shut up already.
-sluts. dick or cunt, you're all pieces of shit.
-posi. "chin up". not the concept, the words themselves.
-fruit flies.
-english adapted for the spitfire conversational style of internet instant messaging. (i.e. ur, b4, wuz)
-situation: metro escalators. people who STAND on the left-hand side.
-situation: dawson escalators. people who ride the escalator up to their floor and then just stand there, wondering what to do next.
-when people lie about their age on myspace. your profile says 21 but we all know you still ask your mommy, "what will having pubic hair be like?"
-people who bitch and complain whenever they're asked to do something by someone they (supposedly) love.
-separatism. you can suck my cock, you fuckin stupid piece of shit ideology.
-k.d. lang.
-top hats worn with anything other than a suit.
-situation: hallways. people walking shoulder-to-shoulder, chatting and oblivious to your attempts to pass them.
-people who discuss how drunk they plan to be at a given occasion.
...just kidding.
-marijuana. have some class.
-when people leave their dirty trays on tables in foodcourts/cafeterias.
-situation: classroom. kids who talk to each other during a lecture. shut up.
-when people don't wash their hands after pissing. another great idea: run your hands through your girlfriend's hair.
-people who try to use big words in their sentences, but end up using a very similar word that doesn't have quite the same meaning as the word they should've used in the first place.
-soft drinks.
-people who display more than one of the same national flag in and around their homes.
-passengers who don't smile when the metro conductor announces the next station in a funny voice.
-girls. the kind that should be acting like ladies by now.
-people who go off on rants and begin every third sentence with, "sorry, but..."
-perennial flowers.
-store employees that follow me around.
-ryan adams. only because there would have been less confusion had he renamed himself paul.
-people who don't fuckin' call when they say they will.
-when a student stares at his/her teacher throughout an entire oral presentation.
-meteomedia. that piece of shit weather station.
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RESPONSE TO AMANDA II. [Apr. 18th, 2005|02:50 am]
although it was hard to read your response considering it lacked punctuation as well as proper spelling, contained grammar that makes me wonder if you're EVEN seventeen AND included a handful of sentences that were nothing short of illogical…i will attempt to reply to you. it's tough to embarrass me. and it’s doubtful a little shit like yourself could. so to come clean... i was bored. my friend directed me to joey's myspace profile to demonstrate the intensity of your obsession with him. and sure enough, your response to that "wow" picture comment some girl made caused you to lose your mind, like the fanatical girlfriend that you are. so i wondered how you'd react to 2 flirtatious comments and an e-mail. predictably, you wrote me back. this was a joke--on you. i've never met joey, seen joey around or talked to him. i have no idea if he's hot or not. the pictures say shit to me. the bottom line is: I DON'T WANT TO MEET HIM. all i know is his type may or may not be: under-aged girls with low self-esteem who are rumoured to be major whores and have some kind of cerebral chemical imbalance. this was about your reaction. i knew i was being lame and i was going to forget about all this and delete my comments. until you wrote back. look, if i wasn’t a threat, you would have scoffed at my first comment and not have wasted time writing back. regardless of your boredom. since you "know for a fact that he loves [you]", who the fuck cares what i comment. or what anyone comments. hopefully, when he cheats &/or dumps you, you won't pull another one of your infamous screamfests in the middle of st-laurent at three o'clock in the morning. i won't ask you to act maturely, because that's beyond your intellectual capacity. just remember: it's not his fault you set yourself up for disaster. so basically, there's nothing to "win" here. the last thing i want is joey "inside" me. especially since i don’t want to catch a/numerous venereal disease(s) you MUST have passed on to him, you slut.
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RESPONSE TO AMANDA I. [Apr. 18th, 2005|12:35 am]
look, sweetheart…

yeah you're underage. it's not your fault your parents had sex in '87. but at your age, do you really know what love is? i'm not saying i do... but, i mean...just last year you were probably conducting impromptu surveys amongst close female relatives asking them what having pubic hair will be like. and now you're in love. if this were love, why the fuck would you continuously discuss your sex life with him over a myspace comment board. that’s fuckin respectful. not to mention classy. if this were love, you wouldn’t need to stick your "tongue in his mouth" and have "his hands on [your] ass" to prove to me, a stranger, that you were a couple. if this were love, you wouldn't have to continuously repeat the fact that you love him, or he loves you or whatever. proof? your myspace profile. the numerous mentions of his name. more proof? your comments on his myspace page. e.g. "he loves me he loves me he loves me". are you telling me...or reassuring yourself? luckily, i'm not you so i don't know how you really feel about him. however, i do know that one factor that definitely influences your delusion of love with him is the fact that he’s an older guy interested in you. the "why" is beyond me because you appear to be clinically insane. but the most important point to all this is, since i couldn't give a fuck either way how your heart gets broken...that i'm flattered that you feel threatened enough by me, someone who's never met him in my entire life, to write back your maturely-written response.

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(no subject) [Apr. 15th, 2005|10:55 pm]

-stayed up until 3AM doing homework.
-cut my knee in two places shaving.
-tried to locate my best friend. she went AWOL for a few hours.
-quit the slut job.
-hung out with my bitch at the house. her parents call her "steph".
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(no subject) [Apr. 12th, 2005|07:56 pm]


-woke up at 11:30.
-attended my only class of day.
-created this new livejournal.
-gave my brother driving lessons.
-searched for metal plugs.


-clean my room.
-talk on the phone.
-do some homework.
-watch bad santa with my brother.
-prepare tomorrow's outfit. (shut up)
-take a shower.
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NEW LIVEJOURNAL, MOTHERFUCKERS. [Apr. 11th, 2005|02:32 pm]
yo, it's RUTH. if i added you to my friends list, it's cause i care about your life. word.
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